The pressures of modern living can be hard to cope with and the consequences to our health and happiness are enormous.

This can be especially relevant if you have an unconventional lifestyle – whether that’s due to a punishing work schedule or a job that takes you away from home for any length of time.

Modern life can take its’ toll on our physical and mental health and our bodies tend to shout louder and louder until we take some notice. Too often we don’t address how our lifestyle and diet may be affecting our health until something goes wrong.

You may be exhausted, but still can’t sleep, have digestive complaints such as IBS or reflux, have gained weight and just can’t seem to shift it, or perhaps it’s been some time since you felt that unique spark that gets you excited about what you do.

I offer holistic nutrition and health plans unique to you, whatever your lifestyle. From years working with touring musicians and crew where every day is different, I know how difficult it can be to follow a plan that doesn’t take into account your lifestyle!

With your aims in mind, whether you want to improve your overall wellbeing, increase your energy and elevate your mood, look and feel younger or you have a specific health problem – with my experienced advice and support, your goals are within reach.

Programs are designed to help you achieve this in a sustainable and enjoyable way that fits with your life.

Start living your life to full potential NOW!

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