Welcome to my new blog of all things foodie and natural health. Here I’ll share interesting things I’ve read, latest studies and recipes to try for the very busy or kitchen shy.

Living in London and having worked for 17+ years in the music industry, I’ve never lived the most conventional existence! I’ve always been obsessed with food and always wanted to look after myself as best I could. In my 20s I promoted club nights and began working with various bands. Before long a large part of the year was spent ‘on the road’. Not the healthiest existence I can assure you. But even then finding some balance was really important. I think maybe I was intuitively trying to implement what I now know to be the 80 v 20 rule.

That is, if you’re good 80% of the time, then perhaps you can afford to be naughty 20% of the time. Well, that’s the theory anyway, but applying even 20% can be hard when you’re living on a tour bus with 14 hard drinking blokes who think pot noodle is home cooking. Or to put it another way, imagine going clubbing 6 nights a week. Then for the one night off, usually a Sunday and usually involving a 14 hour drive between 2 obscure places in Europe, more often than not, in Germany and your only meal being a truck stop where vegetarian means the chef thinks you only eat chicken.

Anyway, the point of this? It’s not always the easiest environment to try and consume your 5 a day (Only 5 a day? Another myth, but I’ll come back to that in a future blog). But I truly do believe that even in the midst of all of this, there are things you can do to try and maintain some goodness. I’ll be sharing some of the tips that I’ve found are possible for even the most hectic of lifestyles.

Meanwhile do consider the 80 v 20 rule, we can’t be angels all the time and the healthiest of lives is about finding a balance. And if you’re trying to be good and eat well most of the time, it’s not about beating yourself up and feeling guilty every time you slip up…….!